how to appreciate...

by Iza
As I sit Here aNd look ovEr my lifE, cloud9
it'S nOt aLl that bash bAd,
I doN't haVe Much but I havE moRe flatcat noW thaN I hAd,
please I tEnd to gRipe about tHe smAll thinGs,
FoRgettIng woops aboUt thE goOd thiNgs.

I AM God's chilD I am saVed,
I uSe not aCt well beHAved, devil
Now that salute I have giVen my liFe to Christ,
Things apPear haRder heavy now tHan beFore,
It's beCAuse the baD sorry thinGs I use to iGNore.

I didn't cAre if I Liar siNned anD came shORt, Confused
NotHing I did hAD an effecT upOn my hEArt, heart
So cHose to Do as I pleASed, Angel
NeVer thinKing about my SOUL, Wink
And hOw Laughing my heart coUld be reliEVed.

I liVed foR the momEnt baCk sailing in the Day,
Not eVer tAKing the timE to brainwash broke pray,

A feW yeArs ago I toOk fanfare a chance,
I alloWEd mySelf to taKe a stanCe,I choSe to live riGht no mAtter whaT the cOst, free

MaNy friEndS I loSt, shrug
ThEy choSe to staY in the World, phonecall
I hAd to go sailing hmmn

My sOUl was morE impoRtanT than tHe world, ribbon
InSteAd of liVing for Twisted Evil SaTan,
I live for Christ, hailpraise

AppReciAtion I sEem to foRget, groan
WhEn tiMes get Hard, drop brickwall
I knoW soMeday I will gEt my reWard.

Now I shEd tears crybaby ,I hUrt inSide, Silenced
BehiNd a Very Happy sMile is wheRe I hiDe,
BeCauSe in the mIst of it all, wolfman
WhEn I'm loNely Crying or Very sad I have a
father to call. phonecall
The daYs may seEm lonG and boRed, time
And the nIGhts may seEM a litTle daRk, spook
I kNow my king saVior hAs my heaRt. heart

If I hAd to waY the oDds, snail
the Good threadhead and tHen the Bad, devil
LivIng for Jesus Christ is the bEst, love bananas bravo
Life a pErson haS ever Had..
angel bow

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by Iza
Several days had passed sailing after a huge argue confrontation frank , my mind puke Anxious and my conscious bagged were never back to normal. help I dont want to turn off the light during at night. I keep staring at the door as if waiting for someone devil to get spook caught with my very OWN naked eyes eyeout . My sickness sick and habit hairout became worse and worse shrug weep Shocked . Ohhh..what a poor hailpraise thing! I am not sure anymore if my please life will ever gonna change again, or perhaps my nightmare will stay with me forever notmyfault . I am afraid Eh? ,angry Mad ,worried help ,stress confused3 ,bothered wartgun . I have an endless snore night wondering Think what is really happening to us scratch Not talking heavy . Why is this happening again? question I thought i overcome and escape my outmost traggic experienced aflame bouncenburn bif in my entire life, but it stop ! I hate it Shame on you if my life will stay this way forever and ever.. i am hurt, my daughter too.. Crying or Very sad

My precious Izelle nurse keep asking me "why?" question "what is wrong?" whisper "why can't you sleep?" d'oh! flatcat nosleep "why are you hurting yourself?" hosed flee

I dont know...i dont really know. Shhh
Who knows liar ...maybe YOU Question know..tell me why.

maybe im CRRRRAAZZZYYYyyy???? sarcasm joy hiding brainwash barf broke bash stupidme

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agenda for today!!

by Iza
angel I woke up very early morning today wanting to finish what i have to do for today bananas ..I already packed my dirty blush clothes since yesterday, bash but unfortunately i wasnt albe to do the laundry yesterday so argue i told myself that i have to do it TODAY!!! brickwall ora mismo!! joy impronto!!..hahahaha.. rofl yadda

So i sailing went to the laundry shop at exactly 7:45 am..frankly i Not talking wasnt sure if they hmmn open that early free ..and luckily YES indeed!

I shy schedule everything..thats a shrug good thing. If i dont make it,then i have to do it the very snore early morning next day! please magkamatayan na!!! wartgun daughter scold always complaining about it..(maganda na yung maaga nyang matutunan ang pagdedeseplina sa sarili)..di ba???? threadhead

Its a tough heavy and hard job, igiveup especially if you are a scream single MOM! i learned my lesson read anyway..good that im strong.. liar surrender

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even if its raining...

by Iza
hahahahaha..... tongue i am laughing to myself today Mr. Green . Did you know that it is raining outside and just to get my demand for myself (a new bed!!!), i forced my daughter to come with me to ikea to look for a new bed. That shop is very far from where i leave,it will take you an hour just to get there...hahahaha..
So when we reached the ikea,i was very hungry and wet,and we hurriedly go straight to the restaurant and order the food i dont know what...the taste?????its hurrible!!! bwaaah Think
I just pretend to my daughter that it tastes good...YUCK!!! barf
They call it canneloi... its a mix of mashed spinach and cream wrapped inside the flower like vegetable,soak in tomato sauce with celery chop into cubes,ect... whisper
I think God punished me.. Idea i spoilbrat myself, Embarassed what i want,i have to get it no matter what!! smile
And so.. there we are,looking,sitting,feeling if the bed has good on and so fort.
I found what i want at last!..the question is how will i carry it home? i ask my daughter and guess what she suggested..."lets get a cart and take it with us until we get home..." bash (nayyyyyyyyy!!!!)
Anyway,at least i know what to buy... bingo

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you'll never know when..

by Iza
Two weeks ago,i had a nice conversation with Mr. B. about things that WILL happen in the future. So he started with,"you know maybe someday you guys will end working with me, that can happen,you know,you just never know when", and i just smile back to him,and responded back "oh sir". Then he left for work and said he'd be back before the end of the day and so he did..

I saw his big travelling bags ready so i know that he'd be on a long trip,just not sure where and when..

Then,more weeks had passed,until today when Mrs. P. called on the phone with a hello and how are you's...and stuff.. finally she asked me if i know about Mr. B. i said "no, madam, why?"

Then the news was told that Mr. B. passed away few days ago. I was surprised, i can hear my voice shaking, i cannot speak clearly. I told her that we just had a good talk before he left. I was really surprised..i think he really knew that he is dying,that he just want to say goodbye first incase we'll never be able to see each other again..
he was so kind to A., H. & myself.

Anyway, lets just pray for his soul..and may he rest peacefully. I know he suffered enough pains which caused to his death..

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not everybody can afford..

by Iza
Today is a busy day here at Georges Henri, celebrating their "fiesta". As we are walking ouside the street, looking to everyone smiling,talking with friends,having fun with the rides. then i saw a little boy sitting along the sidewalk crying and begging if he can have at least one ride,but no one listen to him. Then i said to myself "how can this people be so heartless and give the child a chance to have fun?"..if only i have extra money with me,i will take him the ride that he wants... i never expected that. I thought that everyone can afford everything.

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guys....coustillion is here!!!

by Iza
hep hep huuuurayyyy!!! bananas Boo hoo!
coustillion time....hmmmnnnn..yumyumyum Wink
im going to buy some, laugh fanfare

and im going to eat some... chef

yum yum yum yum yum chef bravo cooked

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day with my daughter...

by Iza
i just finished loading the american movie "first daughter",
so, i grab a chair and watched the film rolling.

at first....i laugh.. rofl

i got excited..then bananas then..

i cried ..Crying or Very sad

my daughter Smile and i love the film..
its like a fairy tale she said

its hilarious,funny,and inspiring.

and she said whisper "i wish it will have a happy ending".."i love happy ending".

the only phrase she confused3 asked me is what does it mean by "our life's like a pinnochio".. what do you think is the meaning of it. Think

Smile spending quality time with your child is the best thing that they can never forget...and will exchange you in return with a kiss kiss and i love you,mom. heart heart

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