even if its raining...

by Iza
hahahahaha..... tongue i am laughing to myself today Mr. Green . Did you know that it is raining outside and just to get my demand for myself (a new bed!!!), i forced my daughter to come with me to ikea to look for a new bed. That shop is very far from where i leave,it will take you an hour just to get there...hahahaha..
So when we reached the ikea,i was very hungry and wet,and we hurriedly go straight to the restaurant and order the food i dont know what...the taste?????its hurrible!!! bwaaah Think
I just pretend to my daughter that it tastes good...YUCK!!! barf
They call it canneloi... its a mix of mashed spinach and cream wrapped inside the flower like vegetable,soak in tomato sauce with celery chop into cubes,ect... whisper
I think God punished me.. Idea i spoilbrat myself, Embarassed what i want,i have to get it no matter what!! smile
And so.. there we are,looking,sitting,feeling if the bed has good quality..blablabla..so on and so fort.
I found what i want at last!..the question is how will i carry it home? i ask my daughter and guess what she suggested..."lets get a cart and take it with us until we get home..." bash (nayyyyyyyyy!!!!)
Anyway,at least i know what to buy... bingo

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