how to appreciate...

by Iza
As I sit Here aNd look ovEr my lifE, cloud9
it'S nOt aLl that bash bAd,
I doN't haVe Much but I havE moRe flatcat noW thaN I hAd,
please I tEnd to gRipe about tHe smAll thinGs,
FoRgettIng woops aboUt thE goOd thiNgs.

I AM God's chilD I am saVed,
I uSe not aCt well beHAved, devil
Now that salute I have giVen my liFe to Christ,
Things apPear haRder heavy now tHan beFore,
It's beCAuse the baD sorry thinGs I use to iGNore.

I didn't cAre if I Liar siNned anD came shORt, Confused
NotHing I did hAD an effecT upOn my hEArt, heart
So cHose to Do as I pleASed, Angel
NeVer thinKing about my SOUL, Wink
And hOw Laughing my heart coUld be reliEVed.

I liVed foR the momEnt baCk sailing in the Day,
Not eVer tAKing the timE to brainwash broke pray,

A feW yeArs ago I toOk fanfare a chance,
I alloWEd mySelf to taKe a stanCe,I choSe to live riGht no mAtter whaT the cOst, free

MaNy friEndS I loSt, shrug
ThEy choSe to staY in the World, phonecall
I hAd to go sailing hmmn

My sOUl was morE impoRtanT than tHe world, ribbon
InSteAd of liVing for Twisted Evil SaTan,
I live for Christ, hailpraise

AppReciAtion I sEem to foRget, groan
WhEn tiMes get Hard, drop brickwall
I knoW soMeday I will gEt my reWard.

Now I shEd tears crybaby ,I hUrt inSide, Silenced
BehiNd a Very Happy sMile is wheRe I hiDe,
BeCauSe in the mIst of it all, wolfman
WhEn I'm loNely Crying or Very sad I have a
father to call. phonecall
The daYs may seEm lonG and boRed, time
And the nIGhts may seEM a litTle daRk, spook
I kNow my king saVior hAs my heaRt. heart

If I hAd to waY the oDds, snail
the Good threadhead and tHen the Bad, devil
LivIng for Jesus Christ is the bEst, love bananas bravo
Life a pErson haS ever Had..
angel bow

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